Incoming Mobility

Mingchao Mao from Hangzhou, China.
Mingchao Mao, a direct exchange student from China, appreciates the excellent libraries at Freie Universität.
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

Every year, thousands of international students come to study at Freie Universität Berlin for a period of time in the context of an international study program. Exchange students can come to Freie Universität Berlin in the framework of different exchange programs.


Many European students spend one or two semesters at Freie Universität as part of the Erasmus program. Faculty can also find opportunities for short-term teaching assignments through Erasmus.

Direct Exchange

Direct exchange students come from one of our partner universities to spend one or two semesters at Freie Universität. They must be nominated by one of our partner universities. It is not possible to apply directly to Freie Universität for placement in a direct exchange.

For our direct exchange scholarship holders, more detailed information is available that cannot be found on the general web pages. After your nomination, you can obtain this information directly from the International Students Office of Freie Universität Berlin.

Online Pre-departure Preparation

After nomination through an exchange program, foreign students will receive information from the International Student Office regarding the Distributed Campus Portal, a multi-media online portal which is a source of much additional information regarding the German university system, student life in Berlin, and an online German course offering topical information.

Arriving in Berlin and at Freie Universität

It is best to carefully plan your stay as an exchange student well before you travel to Berlin. Formalities with regard to enrollment, residence permits, visa, etc. can be handled more quickly if you bring along all the required documents.

The following service pages provide information and help with many aspects of studying and living in Berlin.